When not being able to hear gets in the way of learning, help is available

Valerie Stafford-Mallis

Valerie Stafford-Mallis, director of Chapter Development for the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), is among those who Loren O’Connor calls on to help the Brandman community understand issues around hearing loss.

Frustration. Anger. Embarrassment.

Every student has probably felt those emotions at some point along the academic journey. For students with hearing loss, particularly veterans, those emotions can be an everyday occurrence, and they can make learning difficult.

That’s one of the reasons that Brandman University’s Office of Accessible Education and Counseling Services provides both a variety of tools and resources to help students cope and educates faculty and staff about the difficulties faced by students whose hearing is impaired. [Read more…]

Connections to students bolstered by campus directors

Campus directors are often on the front lines when it comes to working with students, both those thrilled with their educational experience and those facing challenges. In our continuing series on Brandman’s culture of support, we take a look at two of the 27 campus and site directors.  Whidbey Island’s Barbara Bockman’s 32 years of experience have been a benefit to students at multiple campuses and will retire at the end of September. She reflects on what the position has meant to her.  In contrast, Joint Base Lewis-McChord’s Lorine Hill is the newest director in the system and brings her own ideas and community connections. Both profiles are by Margo Myers. [Read more…]

Listening, guiding, solving problems all in a day’s work for Brandman academic advisors


Cem Burnham and Karyn Lawrence are academic advisors at the Walnut Creek campus of Brandman University.

Cem Burnham and Karyn Lawrence are academic advisors at the Walnut Creek campus of Brandman University.

That academic advisors advise students about their academic programs is obvious. And at many colleges and universities, that’s exactly where a description of what they do would end.

That’s not the case at Brandman.

“Many of our students, who often come back after time away or after a bad experience at another school, may not realize how much support they need or they may not even know what’s available,” said Don Scott, director of Advising and Retention Services for the university. [Read more…]

Making a difference thanks to her Brandman education

Domenica Escatel

Domenica Escatel is a “20 Under 40” recipient in Modesto. She earned a master’s degree at Brandman’s Modesto campus.

Domenica Escatel knows how to take advice.

It was advice from co-workers and mentors at the Stanislaus County Office of Education that led her to Brandman University.

It was information, a tour and advice from the Modesto campus that convinced her she could manage working full time and going back to school. [Read more…]

One Stop: A student’s best friend for financing the future

Jorge Aguero

Jorge Aguero is on of a large team of One Stop specialists who help guide Brandman students through funding options for their educations.

Brandman University doesn’t have a smiling mascot to greet new students. It has something much better: One Stop specialists.

One Stop specialists help adult students find the answer to their top questions: What will this education cost and how can I pay for it? [Read more…]

Inside Brandman: Career services has tools for students, alumni, employers

CareerServicesCareer Services provides a comprehensive suite of resources designed to assist Brandman students and alumni with reaching their career goals. Among the career tools offered:

  • Workshops, webinars and videos
  • Career exploration and self-assessment guides and activities
  • Interviewing tips, questions and resources
  • Job search research and strategies, including access Brandman CareerLink, an online job search portal for Brandman students and alumni.
  • Links to additional resources

Career Services also invites employers to join and recruit through the CareerLink network to find the best talent to help their organizations grow and prosper.

For additional information, go to www.brandman.edu/career-services.